Submarine in lake

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Submarine in lake

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Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret. Thank you. Some features of ATS will be disabled while you continue to use an ad-blocker. Over the past 20 years I have heard stories of a huge U.

Navy submarine base under the desert in Hawthorne Nevada. During that time I have driven from Las Vegas to Reno many times and was always intrigued at the guard gate and sign just before entering the town of Hawthorne.

Hawthorne is about 5 hours drive from Las Vegas and about two and a half hours drive from Reno. They must have made the change in the past year or so. Maybe longer. Hawthorne Nevada is a U. Army Depot where ammunition is made, tested and stored.

Endless rows of ammunition bunkers dot both sides of the road. Just to the north of Hawthorne is Walker Lake. The East Walker river drains into it and over the past 20 years has become shallower and shallower. The lake is about 18 miles long and about 8 miles wide the longer axis running north and south. I am not good at judging lake depths, maybe feet? Maybe that little nuclear powered Fast Attack Sub.

But I know nothing about submarines. Or so it would seem. There are stories that California and Nevada sit on a shelf underneath which lies an eastern portion of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe the Pacific Ocean extends under that shelf to Hawthorne Nevada and even further? Maybe there is some kind of access from the surface of the desert within the area occupied by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.

And maybe if you go deep enough there is a huge part of the Pacific Ocean in which the Navy conducts Undersea Warfare training. So it would seem. There would have to be a route from the Pacific Ocean to Hawthorne. If we take a set of dividers and place one end at Hawthorne Nevada and place the other end at the closest portion of the Pacific Ocean we would find that it is in Monterey Bay, just south of San Francisco.

Just north of Fort Ord. The distance is roughly about statute miles.Apparently, it was almost a done-deal that the British subs would be built in the U. However, U. President Woodrow Wilson declared it would violate American neutrality if subs were built by an American company for the British, or any nation at war.

So, the Canadians proposed the British subs be built in the Western Dry Dock Company, which had already built ships like the Noronic and large freighters.

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The company was actually one of the plants of the American Shipbuilding Co. The plan was for the subs to be built in sections and then shipped to other places to be put together.

The sub had been allotted to the U. Marie locks into Lake Superior, she had engine problems and turned back. She returned to Chicago to fulfil the terms of armistice, but the German sub was scuttled in Lake Michigan in Juneabout miles from shore, by shots from the USS Wilmette. Manitou had never built a submarine before, but finished the first one days early. This was the first submarine to travel the midwestern waterways to reach the sea.

Of the 28 subs built by Manitowoc, 25 served in the Pacific Patrol, sinking a total of ships. No one has ever done this before. Navy buys its first known submarine, the foot Alligator which saw action in American Civil War. Information from various sources, including naval histories and Wikipedia. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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Experience the Underwater World of Lake George on the New Submarine Tours

Search for: Search. It was launched on April 30, Sold to Turkey indiscarded by Turkish Navy in and used for spare parts. Other known submarines in Lake Superior The famous two-man yellow submarine of explorer Jacques Cousteau, inwas the first manned-sub to briefly explore the Edmund Fitzgerald, feet below surface.

In the s, a few more submarine expeditions reached the Fitzgeraldbefore it became illegal to dive to the Fitzgerald. There are submarines on display in museums around the world. In the U. Early submarines in the world:. To the Summit of Volcan Baru. Beer of the Month: Castle Cream Ale. Elle Andra-Warner Elle Andra-Warner is a veteran travel writer and has an abiding curiosity in all things unusual.

Related posts.Public domain photo from the U. Of these, the first three were capable of building large ships while Bath and Federal were restricted to ships of destroyer size. Electric Boat was the only private yard capable of building submarines.

Navy to design, engineer and build submarines between and However, during World War II it patrolled the Pacific sinking 13 Japanese ships and rescuing seven downed American fliers and is therefore a fitting representative of the type of boat built in Manitowoc.

But during World War II, this small company in a small city on the western shore of Lake Michigan was the center of Midwestern engineering innovation and construction to help the war effort. Between and28 submarines and 38 landing craft LCT5 were designed, engineered, and launched or delivered by the Company. The design and construction in other areas of the country of additional landing craft were overseen by the Company. Before coming to Manitowoc, he worked in Chicago for the Chicago Shipbuilding Company which built and repaired steel-hulled ships.

Geer also of Chicago, purchased a shipyard in Manitowoc from Henry and George Burger and founded what was to become the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company.

The Burgers continued to build and repair wooden ships across the river from their former yard. Today, the Burger Boat Company builds high-end yachts.

Steel-hulled ships were quickly replacing wooden vessels because iron ore from the Lake Superior region was supplying new steel mills in Chicago and Cleveland, transportation made easy by the new locks connecting Lakes Superior and Huron.

Elias Gunnell started the Gunnell Tool Company in to manufacture engines and machinery for ships and other manufacturers. Eventually, a steel floating dock was built to accommodate ships up to feet long. When he retired inGunnell sold the company to West and it became a part of the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company.

During the years from toexpenditures for new ship construction in the United States never exceeded 40 million dollars in any one year, and inappropriations and expenditures fell to a low of 17 million dollars…. The decline in Naval ship construction was paralleled to a considerable degree by a similar decline in commercial ship building.

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The Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company faired reasonably well during this decline and through the Depression. The Company built two self-unloader ore boats, dump scows, oil tankers, eight Great Lakes-traversing car ferries, large cranes used in constructing skyscrapers, and three Coast Guard cutters during this time.

In and earlyWest came up with a plan for building destroyers for the U. His design included building a destroyer in sections, testing it in Lake Michigan, and then routing it through the Chicago River to the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal and then down the Illinois River to the Mississippi River.

Even though bridges in Chicago and the Illinois River would need to be modified to accommodate the height of a destroyer, this route posed less of a problem than an eastern route through either the St. Lawrence River pre-St. He took his plan to Washington D. West was approached by the U. Navy shortly after and asked to consider building submarines instead of destroyers. After initially refusing due to lack of any experience in submarine design or construction, West met with Electric Boat Company staff who assured him they would help in setting up a submarine-building operation in Manitowoc.

Another contract was signed with the Electric Boat Company covering patents, specifications, materials and expertise. The Electric Boat Company sent Mr. Eric H. Ewertz to head training staff in Manitowoc; he was Chief Constructor of the first successful submarine, the Holland, built in Elizabeth, New Jersey in More than 7, people, including women, were bused in from surrounding communities in northeast Wisconsin to work on building the submarines over the next several years.

A neighborhood called Custerdale, with street names for each submarine built, sprang up in Manitowoc to house the many new employees. New buildings were built in the shipyard for Navy personnel. He had quite a shock when he arrived in Manitowoc.Don't miss U Submarine: 75 Stories for more! Part of a U-boat fleet terrorizing the Atlantic, this submarine was known as U- But on this day, the U- had just become the hunted. For weeks, a U. Navy Task Group had tracked a shadowy U-boat. Despite a crack team and the latest technology, the Task Group was unable to pinpoint their elusive prey.

Low on fuel, the frustrated captain had just called off the search when … there was something on the sonar. Finding and destroying the sub would save Allied lives and supplies; capturing it could help win the war by cracking the U-boat mystery—but only if the Germans thought the sub had sunk.

Securing the U- and keeping the capture secret was the key. The U- submarine has amazed Museum guests sinceand now has a captivating exhibit to match its scale and dramatic capture.

How did U-boat technology work? What was life like on the sub? How was the capture kept secret? This riveting wartime story comes alive. The exhibit is accessible to wheelchairs, Segways and strollers. Optional on-board tours have limited accessibility.

See accessibility notes. Discover rarely seen photographs and artifacts from our Collection and archives. Museum hours Closed today Museum hours Closed tomorrow Add to my visit. For all ages. Lower Level, U Included in Museum Entry. Accessibility notes.

Mystery of stolen Lake George submarine is solved six decades later

More about the exhibit. Dive In. How do you hide something the length of a city block, weighing three times the Statue of Liberty? Experience the only German sub in the U.The first time the team was told that they would be searching the depths of Lake Ontario they thought that they might get to know what they would be searching for, but there was nothing except the fact that in the year some local people saw something at the lake which just vanished into thin air in a blink of an eye.

What did the local people see? The Local Sighting. Few of the local people living near Lake Ontario spotted something strange on the lake.

The blurred image remained inside their head for a very long time until they told the tale again to the team which was assigned to see if the rumors were even true. Few of the team members met the locals of the town. Mainly those who saw something that day. But what was it that they saw? Firstly, it was the strangest thing they had ever seen in their life. They could only tell where they saw it. The Known Location. The team was then taken to the same location where the local people saw that mysterious thing.

Pointing out the location which was in the middle of the lake, the team was ready with their gears and instruments that would be useful in their investigation. They were finding something unknown to the world. Using The Advanced Gears. The team used the submarine to explore Lake Ontario. The location the local people told them was a wildlife conservation point located near the lake known as the Point Petre. Point Petre has a lot of attractions, such as pebble beaches and amazingly beautiful limestone formations that attract lots of tourists from everywhere.


The mini-submarine AKA the ThunderFish is an automatic underwater vehicle which is operated remotely like drones. This submarine is installed with a sonar device that captures high-resolution images. Using this tech the team was able to locate the thing they were looking for. They were able to study it with great details. The discovery they were able to make lay at the bed of the lake for the past 60 years.Niagara Falls — Divers from the U.

submarine in lake

S coast guard took part this morning, in a delicate wreck recovery operation to bring to the surface a Nazi submarine discovered two weeks ago at the bottom of Lake Ontario. The U-boat was spotted for the first time by amateur scuba divers in late January and they had contacted the authorities. Archaeologists associated with Niagara University of and master divers from the U.

S Coast Guard were mobilized on site to determine what it was, and they soon realized that they were dealing with a German submarine that sank during World War II … Professor Mark Carpenter, who leads the team of archaeologists, believes that the U-boat could have traveled up the St-Lawrence River, all the way to the Great Lakes, where it intended to disturb the American economy.

The story of a Texas woman who reportedly shared a Facebook post claiming the coronavirus outbreak was a hoax — and later reportedly died from the virus — reminds us of the dangerous potential of misinformation. The coronavirus responsible for COVID has deadly adaptations that make it perfect for infecting humans.

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But this is a testament to natural selection, not bioengineering. Pollution levels in India did drop dramatically in Aprilbut beyond that the story gets a little more hazy. The U. No, but Walmart and other stores have set aside dedicated shopping hours for senior citizens.

According to Arizona Rep. Masks were commonly worn during the "Spanish flu" pandemic, but this photograph doesn't show them. Help Snopes. Become a Founding Member! Claim A Nazi submarine mysteriously surfaced in Lake Ontario.

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

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Postdoctoral positions in plant biology

Featured Video View all. Learn How.The skipper tossed an explosive over the side and when a school of stunned cod rose to the surface, he scooped them up, cut off their heads and threw the prime fillets and the rest of the fish back into the sea. All he wanted was the critical ingredient for his signature cod head soup. Fast forward to and Mr. Martin is a young machinist in Prince Albert getting a routine chest x-ray from a Czechoslovakian-born doctor.

The men began chit-chatting about the war and, upon learning that Mr. The doctor had also been off the Labrador coast that day, he explained, hiding just beneath the waves in a German U-Boat.

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This month, Mr. It is a theory that has long lingered in the minds of elders who swore they saw dark shadows floating under the surface of nearby Lake Melville and the author of a novel about a war-weary German crew that scuttles their submarine in the river before escaping to safety. However, with the claim flying in the face of every conceivable scrap of historical evidence, experts fervently maintain it is just another Canadian U-Boat legend.

Almost since the opening shots of the Battle of the Atlantic, the Maritimes and the coast of Quebec have abounded with legends about U-Boats that prowled the East Coast in the latter half of the Second World War. Hadley in the introduction to his book, U-Boats Against Canada.

During the war, records hold that a Newfoundland woman called in a report of a flying U-Boat. Other villages around the Gulf of St. Even Mr. Martin has his own story of a Nazi close encounter. Inhe and his crewmates were drinking at a Quebec City tennis club, when, several tables over he remembered hearing the distinctive guttural inflections of a group of men speaking German, although he dismissed it at the time.

Martin thinks it is entirely within the realm of possibility. Over a matter of many years, he dug up every available U-Boat log, every German navy dispatch record and every confirmed Royal Canadian Navy U-Boat sighting, and meticulously plotted the data on maps that now hang in the collection of the Canadian War Museum.

His conclusion? The farthest-inland U-Boat, thus, would have come roughly within sight of Baie-Comeau just as a young Brian Mulroney was taking his first steps. Only days after the submarine sank the HMCS Esquimalt just outside Halifax harbour, the vessel received word that the war was over and surrendered to Canadian corvettes, including Mr.

submarine in lake

When the captured German crew members stepped ashore in Halifax, say accounts of Royal Canadian Navy veterans that lingered until the s, they carried in their pockets Halifax streetcar tickets, Canadian cigarettes and even pictures of Canadian girls. From the perspective of a submarine commander, many of the Canadian stories just do not make strategic sense.

U-Boats were vulnerable to even the smallest hole in the hull; a strong motivation to steer clear of the shoreline for something so frivolous as a night of drinking. Snaking up narrow rivers, similarly, is unnecessarily risky, particularly when they had a whole Atlantic Ocean in which to hunt Allied ships.

submarine in lake

Lawrence River. Which is not to say that U-Boats were not a regular presence along the Canadian shore. U-Boats sunk 23 vessels in the St. Lawrence and, inin a mission to drop off a spy, a U-Boat skulked so close to shore that it was briefly caught in the headlights of a passing car, although the driver did not notice. The spy, Werner von Janowski, was quickly captured, although not before he checked into a New Carlisle, Que.

In his book, Mr. Hirshmann told of an emergency that forced the U to surface just outside Halifax harbour for more than two nerve-wracking hours. A year later, a U-Boat crew stepped ashore into Northern Labrador to install an automated weather station that would remain undiscovered until the early s.

The supposed Churchill River U-Boat first emerged in when crews were scanning the waters below Muskrat Falls for signs of three drowning victims when they came upon a mysterious shape.

A sweep of the area with a remotely operated vehicle in August proved inconclusive because the object had subsequently been buried with sediment and clay from nearby cliffs. For years, the people of P. A U-Boat did indeed attempt the manoeuvre, but there are no records of any battle.

Naval corvettes were indeed seen turning sharply offshore, but it was simply because of a navigational error.


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