Ds 5535 form processing time

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Ds 5535 form processing time

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We had waited eight months for the U. Citizenship and Immigration Services to approve our application and the National Visa Center to issue an appointment. I booked her a return flight, hopeful that we would be flying back together to continue our lives in New York. It has now been five months since that visa interview, and over a year since the initial application. The year and a half of separation is because of one form: the DS The DS requires visa applicants to provide the past 15 years of their travel history, past and current social media handles, email accounts, addresses and employment history.

Her full name is Arabic. Fifteen years ago, she was 9 years old and traveled with her family on vacations. Queue the alarm bells. In Juneshe arrived in New York on a J-1 visa for a yearlong, paid end-of-studies internship at a start-up in Brooklyn. United States law requires anyone on a J-1 visa to leave for at least 90 days before returning.

So, in May ofmy then-girlfriend left the United States believing she would be returning 90 days later on another J-1 visa sponsored by the same company.

But as the return date crept closer, the company pulled its support and left her, and us, in a complicated predicament. I had been planning to propose properly when she returned, but romantic ambitions were pushed aside to consider the legal road map we would have to navigate to be together again.

In October, I flew to Paris to propose to her in person. This unclear process used to take 30 to 60 days to investigate, but the projected wait time changed depending on which official I talked to.

Many people have been waiting for much longer. On visajourney. According to the State Department, from March to July of44 K-1 visas were issued to people of Moroccan nationality.

During that same period, more than 10 times as many people from Britain were granted the visa. My congresswoman and senator have been responsive and sent letters on our behalf, to no avail.

Recently, whenever I phone the consulate in Casablanca, the prompts take me straight to automated voice mail messages, or they disconnect the call.

ds 5535 form processing time

So, we wait. I have spent thousands of dollars on filing fees, lawyers and travel expenses. What we have to endure financially and emotionally is not only unexpected but hard to fathom.

We believe in immigration laws and vetting visa candidates, but we would have preferred it if the DS form was required with the initial application we submitted over a year ago. We hope this information is helpful.Finally, the White House introduced a new social media vetting form DS for US visa applicants from across geographies, after much to and fro.

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The US visa vetting does not end here. The three-page form DS for additional scrutiny in connection with the national security requires US visa applicants to furnish 15 years of their residence and employment too.

They are required also to disclose their travel history for the past 15 years including the countries which they have been to and the source of finance for their trips. The most controversial section of the new US visa vetting form DS is the one that requires applicants to provide the user names that they have used on social networking sites for the past five years.

The new US visa vetting form DS is said to be temporary. Reportedly, it will remain effective until Novemberbut the timeframe may be extended based on the scenario in or after November.

Approximately 13 million applications are submitted for US visa in different categories. Available at US consular offices throughout the world, the new questionnaire for additional scrutiny is not for all applicants.

ds 5535 form processing time

US consular officers reserve the right to determine which applicants are required to fill up the form DS, in their discretion. This questionnaire may be issued to nearly one million out of 13 million visa applicants, according to the Department of State. Undeniably, students are more exposed to social media than any other group. Students applying for US visas to study in American colleges and universities are required to be careful about the accuracy of information they provide.

They should deliberately answer the questions in the form DS, leaving no reason for further inspection after additional scrutiny of their biographical history and social media usage. It is assumed that foreign students may be denied entry into USA or may face delay in visa processing because of their politically outrageous tweets or Facebook posts.

A recent survey points to a drop in the number of US visa applications from students in India and China due to uncertainties about H1B visa and US immigration policies. Nearly 2 lakh students from India are currently studying in the United States.

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Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.DS is a security check form issued by the US embassy at the time or after your visa interview.

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It is meant for extra security checks primarily meant to scan the last year history of your travel, employment, and residence. It was first started in when Trump started the ban on middle east countries and was supposed to be only issued to people who are flagged as a threat to US national security. Off late, we have seen that this form is issued more often and that too for people who have been working in the US for more than 5 years with no previous history of any illegal activity.

Until a positive response is received from each agency, the US embassy will not issue you the visa. Many people have reported that they got their DS cleared within 14 days from the US embassy in Mexico. The quickest cases are normally the ones where you have only traveled to the USA in your life.

But, other people who have traveled to multiple countries like Canada, USA, Japan, Europe, and other such places have waited for more than 60 days to get a clearance. If you have traveled to any middle east country like Saudi Arabia, Turkey or North Korea which are part of the US visa ban, you have a very high probability of receiving this DS in your US visa interview.

If you want to join the WhatsApp group, please contact us and you will be given the link only if you have the DS case. US embassy sends your information to various other security agencies in the US who then try to validate the addresses and your employment information.

The purpose is to check your background for any criminal activities that may affect US national security. Usually, a red mark will be placed on your DS or your passport at the time of the ASC biometric process if your profile is flagged for security checks by US systems. Your application is also sent to Washington DC for final clearance before issuing you the visa.

Your attorney or you can contact the US state department or US embassy after your case has been pending for 60 days to get a status. But, most people just get a standard response that it is pending. We recommend Nimer Law for mandamus cases due to their quick turnaround time.

We also recommend waiting for at-least 60 days. Another law firm with name Soberalski Immigration Law advises being mindful of what pictures, videos, and comments you share on social media as it can have a negative effect on your immigration journey to the US. Murthy law firm has also mentioned that the expected wait time is at-least 60 days for DS processing. Do not save the file as a password-protected file or do not convert it into a word or any other format file.

You need to reply to the same embassy email address after filling the form with the same editable PDF file. You can write additional addresses, employment information and any other information in a Microsoft word file. Attach both the files in the reply to consulate email. You should receive a confirmation of receipt of your form within days from the embassy. Please provide an answer to the best of your knowledge if you are unsure about any specific question.

For example, if you do not know an exact address, provide the city, state, and street name if you can recall them.

Know All about New Form DS-5535 for Additional Scrutiny of US Visa Applicants

We could not independently confirm it though.How soon after you wake up do you check your email, Facebook or watch that stupid cat video on YouTube? Form DS was introduced on May 4th as a way to vet applicants from certain countries. DS is a questionnaire given to visa applicants to fill out after the visa interview. The information you provide will be used to run a background check to see whether you are a threat to U. Answering the questions of form DS is supposed to be voluntary.

But refusing to fill it out could delay the processing of your case or worse, deny it outright. Lisa and Amir recently got married in Jordan and applied for a CR1 spouse visa at the embassy in Jordan. They thought the interview went well for Amir but he was ultimately placed in administrative processing and was given form g.

They responded quickly and submitted the form within 2 days. Department of State DOS who handles the consulate and embassies abroad said that the new supplemental questionnaire will only affect 0.

DS-5535 Travel History 15 Year – CV, Publications – Long Processing Time

This amounts to about 65, people worldwide. Does this sounds like Big Brother to you? Andrew met Layla in Morocco during a 3 month vacation. They fell in love and quickly got engaged before he left for the United States.

When it was time for the K1 visa interview, Layla was given form DS immediately after the interview was over. She filled it out and sent it back 3 days later. First, you need to find out exactly why the visa was denied.

A lawyer will be able to review your entire case and advise you of what the next steps should be. Make sure to interview a few different immigration lawyers before you hire one as not all of them will be honest and trustworthy. If there are any questionable photos or comments on any of your social media accounts — delete them.

You should be very careful what you post online because this can be used against you during the immigration application process.

Notice anything about what I listed above? They primarily burden those who are from Muslim countries.

DOS Notice of New Form DS-5535, Supplemental Questions for Visa Applicants

You can no longer be anonymous online. Everything you say, do and post will be available to the entire world forever.A joint initiative between the American Immigration Council and AILA seeks to change the playing field for immigrants facing deportation. Learn More. This includes government actions and resources, AILA's policy recommendations, and materials and talking points to engage with Congress and the press. DHS notice of request for emergency OMB approval and public comment on a new Form DS, Supplemental Questions for Visa Applicants, to collect information from visa applicants who have been determined to warrant additional scrutiny in connection with terrorism or other national security-related visa ineligibilities.

If granted, the emergency approval is only valid for days. The Department proposes requesting the following information, if not already included in an application, from a subset of visa applicants worldwide, in order to more rigorously evaluate applicants for terrorism or other national security-related visa ineligibilities:. Most of this information is already collected on visa applications but for a shorter time period, e.

Requests for names and dates of birth of siblings and, for some applicants, children are new. The request for social media identifiers and associated platforms is new for the Department of State, although it is already collected on a voluntary basis by the Department of Homeland Security DHS for certain individuals.

Regarding travel history, applicants may be requested to provide details of their international or domestic within their country of nationality travel, if it appears to the consular officer that the applicant has been in an area while the area was under the operational control of a terrorist organization as defined in section a 3 B vi of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.

Applicants may be asked to recount or explain the details of their travel, and when possible, provide supporting documentation.

All About 221(g) form , Administrative processing, US VISA approved and DS-5535 ,

Please use the download button to access the PDF. A separate PDF reading app may be necessary. Cart 0.

ds 5535 form processing time

Create an AILA. Apply Today. Start Your Research. Subscribe Today. Agency Processing Time Reports View the latest processing times. Title Assign to Folder optional. Follow Us: facebook twitter linkedin YouTube Instagram.Has any of you had an idea on how long it usually take after this or will this take another long time of waiting? Please share your experience. Thank you!

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It's not a sign of a denial or anything like that, but it does tend to take a while to complete background checks after submitting that form. Social Security card being issued in married name 3rd attempt! June 13, Mary receives Mexican Residency Card. August 2, Case Complete At Consulate. You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself any direction you choose. The consular officer took the passports.

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We were told to wait weeks and then we would receive the passports with visas in the mail. Within 24 hours we received an email from the embassy that we needed to submit form DS, which we did four days later. After learning what the purpose of DS is potential threat to US national security?! We were approved every step of the way in the visa process, met every burden of proof regarding finances and the legitimacy of our relationship, and our medical examinations had no irregularities. In the past several months, our lawyer has made half a dozen inquiries to the embassy, most of which went unanswered.

I have contacted my state Senator, who made a generic information request, never informing us of the results. However, I was able to later learn that he was simply told that the case is in AP. I then contacted my local Congressman, who also made an inquiry on our behalf. My attorney has indicated that the Embassy is just "sitting" on our case and that they are not doing any real "processing.

I am desperate to get a resolution in our case and be reunited with my family. Does anyone else have any experience with the MOSCOW or other embassy, or know why they might refuse to issue a judgement on such a case?

Does anyone know why DS is being applied so arbitrarily? I have tried to describe our case in as much detail as possible. I would be grateful for any advice or recommendations on how we could proceed.

Thanks very much for your attention. Nobody knows precisely what triggers a DS being requested. Maybe somebody he knows or worked with came up as a hit on some list? We'll never know. It could be something as simple as somebody he's friends with or worked with - or somebody with a similar name - might be suspected of being a foreign agent.

Again, it's complete speculation, and you'll drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out.Applicants may be required to fill out a DS and, when possible, provide supporting documentation, if a consular officer determines that the application warrants increased scrutiny.

While the additional information requests may seem like an additional burden at first glance, it is not that likely that you will be requested to fill out a DS The State Department estimates that less than one percent of all U.

While the Administration has not provided many details of who will be selected, it is likely that applicants will be flagged for past travel in particular to the 7 countries listed in the travel ban and other applicants where a security trigger is indicated.

While it is not that likely that your application will be affected by the new form, it is important to note that failure to provide the requested information will delay your case and most likely result in a denial. If you are flagged for additional screening you should take it seriously and it could result in the denial of your visa.

You should consider having all of your responses reviewed by a lawyer and this is not a formality. While the failure to provide the information eg. To that end, an applicant should bear in mind that this additional information may be requested and should be prepared to provide it. Ian E. Scott, Esq.

DOS Notice of New Form DS-5535, Supplemental Questions for Visa Applicants

This website and blog constitutes attorney advertising. Do not consider anything in this website or blog legal advice and nothing in this website constitutes an attorney-client relationship being formed. Set up a one-hour consultation with us before acting on anything you read here.

Past results are no guarantee of future results and prior results do not imply or predict future results. Each case is different and must be judged on its own merits. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Email: info legalservicesincorporated. What are the New Visa Vetting Procedures?

ds 5535 form processing time

What is Extreme Vetting? What is the Form DS and will it affect my application? Previous Next. View Larger Image. June 16th, 0 Comments. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email.


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